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From Constant Pain to feeling independent again

Anooka's Personal Health Coach platform is built by experts in healthcare who understand pain. We use research-backed methods to help you make lifestyle changes that stick.

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From pain to feeling independent!

We understand that your experience with pain is unique to you. You're not alone in this journey.

Anooka's Personal Health Coach platform is built by experts in healthcare. We use science-backed methods to help you make lifestyle changes that stick.

Get a FREE 20-min consult with our coach


Partner with a coach who understands YOUR pain

Accountability Partner
1:1 with elite health coach to guide you towards your health goals with access when you need them

Stay motivated and be consistent
We apply science backed and research informed practices that help you make lifestyle changes that stick

Sidekick app to you & coach,
Keep you on track, helps you stay in regular touch with your coach, journal to track what causes pain and get program changes

Start with just

Our members went from constant pain to moving with confidence!

  • On a call with physiotherapist
  • Barb, 65+
    Living with,
    Ankle Osteoarthritis
    "My main concern was how we were going to do all this "online." I can now say I love doing it this way.  I think this is a wonderful program. I can honestly recommend this to anyone asking." 
  • Jessica, 40s
    Living with,
    Knee Osteoarthritis
    "The fact that there are daily check in’s and reminders keeps me pushing forward. Exercising daily has given me the energy to do more. I can get up easier. Cook easier. Walking around is easier."
  • Staci, 30s
    Living with,
    Lower back & Hip Pain
    "I am at least an hour away from any clinical setting and the fact that Anooka is fully virtual gives me mental peace from not having to schedule my visits a month or two in advance."

Easy to start & stick to

NO commute,
NO lengthy wait times,
NO sick days lost for quality healthcare
YES to less pain and better life


A quick assessment of your pain, activity levels, medication along with an understanding of your health goals


Set up your physical activity plan made specific to manage pain and meet your health goals

Chat with your coach when you need them

3. Give feedback & get changes

Give feedback to your coach on the exercises and get customization to the program tailored to you

A Health program specific to you

Our health coach stays in the loop as you progress through your program and modifies your exercises as needed.

A happy guy doing online workout

Work with a Certified Health Coach to keep you on track

Health Coach will educate, motivate and support you to be able to make the changes to manage your lifestyle, diet, stress and anxiety.

Health coach on a call

On-demand and at your convenience

Your personalized program on our platform will give you:
• Access to instructional videos
• Chat with your coaches to get feedback
• Track your progress

A woman using app on tablet

  Cost of 1mo. Anooka <
1 Physiotherapy session

With Anooka

Personalized recommendations based on progress
On your schedule
Exercise instruction videos available on-demand

Typical Physiotherapy Session

1 hour session
Commute & using sick day @ work
Exercise descriptions on paper

Your questions, Answered!

I have osteoarthritis, will Anooka help me?


Yes, Anooka will help you.

Exercise is the first line of defense in managing pain. Use of virtual exercise therapy has been proven in several clinical trials and been recommended as a primary intervention by OARSI (Osteoarthritis Research Society International).

In 2018, An assessment conducted by Health Quality Ontario observed that people reported positive experiences with a structured education and neuromuscular exercise program, feeling that it had strengthened their muscles and reduced their symptoms of stiffness and pain.

Drop us a line at sign up below to see if we can help you, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Who is a Health Coach at Anooka?


Anooka Health Coach is your accountability partner. Making lifestyle changes when living with constant pain is hard. Our coaches will help you be consistent with healthy lifestyles. They are your guide in navigating you towards a healthier lifestyle towards feeling strong, independent and having more energy and better day-to-day function.

All our health (or Anooka) coaches have a background in Kinesiology, exercise science, certifications in ACSM, some of them licensed physiotherapists and some living with chronic pain due to musculoskeletal conditions.

What is included when I enroll to get full access?


You will have unlimited chat access with your coach, reach out whenever you need support, motivation, feedback on exercise technique to stay on course. One video meet a month for 30min to reassess your progress. Remember, your coach is your biggest supporter, feel at ease to reach out to them. If any exercises increase pain or discomfort then stop exercising and inform your coach for feedback or modifications.

Is Anooka for me?


If you are unsure of your condition, you can do a quick self-evaluation here. If you have a pre-existing condition, please check with your doctor if you can perform unsupervised exercises. If your doctor has already cleared or recommended regular exercise, you are at the right place.

Should you have comorbidities such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Kidney disease, Obesity, Thyroid and chronic cardiovascular, respiratory or metabolic conditions please do inform us.

Did you have a surgery in the past 6 months or are planning to have one in the future, please share with us, when you reach out to us.

Should you have any questions on if Anooka is for you, write to us below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What if I have more than one location where I have pain frequently?


We put together programs specific to your abilities. So, Yes you can still use the Anooka platform, as long as you can perform exercises without supervision. During our assessment please mention about your pain areas, triggers and we will factor it in when preparing your personalized program.

Do I need equipment to perform exercises at home?


Generally a mat, 7-8 feet of free area, chair with no wheels is enough for the exercises. Sometimes you may require use of resistance bands. Our exercise programs are tailored to your available equipment at home. If you progress well and need any additional equipment, we will help you find the right equipment. Just drop a line to your health coach and they will be glad to help you.

What is the science behind Anooka's approach?


At Anooka, we use research-informed best practices in developing our programs for you.
We combine two primary clinical approaches -

1. Virtual and internet based exercise therapy along with mind-body activities and pain neuroscience education for chronic joint pain is proven to be effective in reducing pain and increasing mobility in multiple randomized clinical trials conducted in the last 5 years.

2. Partnered exercising modes derived from Köhler effect that has been widely researched to help with weight loss and for women living with pain from Fibromyalgia, where it was proven to be an effective intervention.

Is Anooka just an app?


The short answer is NO, Anooka is a lot more than an app that you typically download at an app store.
At Anooka, you get access to another human being who is an expert in health coaching, someone who works with people living with chronic pain or has a liven-in experience themselves to share accountability with. This is in addition to content and feedback through our technology.

How can I get access to your platform?


We are currently in private beta.
Drop us a line here to meet with one of our coaches for 20 minutes for FREE.

Get a FREE 20-min consult with our coach

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