Pain in your knee, hip or ankle? Try this 5 min warmup to be ready for outdoors this winter!

Doris Ward
Kedar Angirus, MD
April 19, 2022

Practicing this set of six exercises either three times a week or just before you start a vigorous activity will help increase flexibility, increase blood flow, kickstart the fluid in your joints to flow smoothly and relax your muscles, tendons and ligaments, making them more flexible and reducing strain and tension. The end result is a well-prepared body and reduced risk of injury.

Note: For #1 and #4 below, besides proper form, also focus on your technique.

  1. One-legged bridges (these help build core strength & pelvic stability)
  2. Pilates one leg circles (5 per leg, each direction) (this helps to build hip mobility & pelvic stability)
  3. Bird Dog (Dead Bug for those with knee pain) (increases core strength)
  4. Tree (yoga) (20-60 seconds per side) (tree improves balance)
  5. Slow Torso Twists (30 seconds - 1 minute) (this exercise improves balance)
  6. One-legged touchdown (this improves balance, body awareness, and ankle stability)

Watch this simple 5-minute exercise routine performed by Anooka Health Coach, Doris Ward to learn more.

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